New Patient Information

  • The Canby Family Practice Clinic is accepting new patients. We are not a walk in clinic, please call our office to schedule appointments for Dental or Medical Depts.
  • If this is your first visit at our clinic, you are welcome to request us to mail or e-mail the new patient packet, so you can fill that paperwork out before you visit. E-mail
  • At the Canby Family Practice clinic, our front desk staff is required to ask all patients about their insurance so we will know, how best to serve you. We are required to check all eligibility on Medi-Cal patients attached to Partnership Health Plan of California before scheduling any appointments.
  • In order for our Providers at the Canby Family Practice Clinic to provide you with the best care regarding your medical concerns and conditions they request to see all Medical records. We can mail or e-mail the records release forms to you and mail them to our office.
  • Our providers request that new  medical patients, bring all medications to their first appointment at the Canby Family Practice clinic.
  • Our providers are dedicated to children and preventive medicine. We will see children without records or a medical history form. Our providers request that you bring all Immunization records with you to the first appointment for your child.
  • All new patients will be confirmed to come early for their first appointment at the Canby Clinic so the front desk staff can have you fill out paperwork for your chart and present Insurance information photo ID and co-payments.





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